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GP and Speciality Consultations

Access for family at the clinic or Mobile App

Healthcare Financing

Provision of innovative insurance and credit products that are tailored to the customers we serve

Healthcare Screening

Screening for 40+ parameters covering Hypertension, Diabetes and indicators of other chronic ailments

Health Awareness and Education

We all know “Health is Wealth” but understanding what to do to stay healthy is not always easy. Many factors lead to the acquisition of diseases and preventative healthcare can make a significant difference. We provide education and awareness programmes about health and diseases through awareness programs. This includes nutrition and exercise. The screening services provide a baseline for every family. The education and awareness programmes then include specific focus on highest risk areas for individuals and tailoring to age and gender. Awareness programs include conducting information sessions, organizing physical camps and the use of digital videos for easy and standardized dissemination of information. For these activities, we also partner with NGOs, Micro SMEs and other Affiliate organisations.

Additional Diagnostic services, all blood, urine and stool pathology test through centralized Pathology Laboratory (NABL-accredited) for each city and arrangements with local labs for radiology. We warranty the turnaround time, giving reports within the same day for samples collected in the morning, or else the next day for samples collected in the evening.